Innovation and competence in a solution-oriented environment

Novaco stands for innovation and modern technological solutions, a focus on environmentally sound design, and a professionally strong network and collaboration between experienced engineers and businesses. We solve most challenges related to technical cleaning and surface treatment - renewal, preparation and finishing of all types of surfaces.

Our customers in hydropower, construction, ventilation, electrical, machine and industrial businesses turn to us when the most demanding tasks need to be solved.

With advanced robotic technology, we can enter all types of pipes and ducts for inspection and internal surface treatment. With laser technology, we can remove rust and most coatings from most surfaces, in a gentle and efficient way.


Laser technology

We sell the market's leading laser systems for the effective removal of paint and rust and most imperfections from all types of surfaces. It is a 100% clean method, highly effective and performs all the work with high precision. Depending on the customer's needs, we can offer a number of models and adaptations. We have simple portable lasers from 200W for finer work, and we can also offer much heavier and more powerful laser machines, up to 2000W, for large-scale industry and workshops.

We have chosen the Czech company Narran as our best supplier in this market.

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Robotic/Cobotic technology

Collaborative robots (cobots) are lightweight robotic arms that handle a wide range of applications to automate repetitive tasks, usually conducted by workers. They are designed to share a workspace with humans, making automation easier than ever before, for businesses of all sizes and can be brought into play in a wide variety of applications.

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13. March 2024
SPC Surface Protection Conference 2024

Professional conference on surface treatment, maintenance and rehabilitation of steel and concrete. SPC Strømstad imparts knowledge on how to extend the durability of steel and concrete structures. Here we met other professionals among the exhibitors and speakers to gain new profitable knowledge about this very important and current topic. The right choice of system, good […]

27. July 2023
Welcome to the demonstration of laser technology!

During the autumn, we will have demonstrations in Egersund, Karmøy, Bergen, Oslo and Horten We run new rounds with a demonstration of Narran laser technology. Feel free to bring colleagues who may be interested in the new technology. As usual, we have engineers with a master’s degree in laser technology from Narran, the factory in […]

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