Industrial paint and polyurea

We are an approved dealer of professional Teknos products that have been developed and manufactured for very specific and often exceptionally demanding applications.

Paint systems for fire and corrosion protection of steel and structures.

Tekno's range of advanced High-performance protective paints together with HENSOTHERM® fire protection paints form a comprehensive range of paint systems for fire and corrosion protection of steel, for different environments, including both interior and exterior use, for open and closed profiles, and for corrosion-protected and galvanized sections. Important considerations when protecting steel structures against fire.

Pure polyurea technology

Tekno's polyurea products are extremely resistant, waterproof and immediately curing coatings for several surfaces, such as concrete, steel, bitumen and wood. Polyurea has excellent adhesion to metal and concrete. The coating also has anti-slip and sound-absorbing properties. Polyurea creates a seamless waterproof film that provides unparalleled protection to the surface beneath the coating. TEKNOPUR 300 is highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Examples of polyurea applications:

  • Mining industry
  • Pipelines
  • Secondary protective containers
  • Machines
  • Transport vehicles
  • Roof
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete structures
  • Pools
  • Floor

Polyurea coating is also available in a version with a longer curing time (gel time 30 seconds) TEKNOPUR 360-800 and in a fire-resistant version TEKNOPUR 340 FR. Polyurea is available in different colors on request.

Offshore installations and associated facilities

For offshore installations and associated facilities we offer Teknos' NORSOK M-501-approved paint systems for:

  • Structural steel
  • Outside of equipment, containers, pipes and valves
  • Flame towers and outriggers
  • Insulated surfaces of tanks, containers, pipes
  • Internal surfaces of carbon steel tanks
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel in the splash zone
  • Carbon steel surfaces exposed to operating temperatures > 120 °C
  • Immersed carbon steel and stainless steel ≤ 50 °C
  • Structural steel with operating temperatures of ≤ 80 °C in internal, completely dry and well-ventilated areas
  • Bulk delivered valves in carbon steel with operating temperatures up to 150 °C

Teknos' NORSOK M-501-approved paint systems ensure

  • Optimal corrosion protection
  • Easy maintenance and easy application
  • Evaluated and documented impact on health, environment and safety

Heat-resistant paint and varnish

Heat is necessary for life itself. However, heat and rapid temperature fluctuations contribute to damage to the surface and corrosion. Paint that can withstand heat and corrosion is necessary, and great demands are placed on such solutions.

Teknos has more than 40 years of experience in the production of heat-resistant paint systems. Watch a video about heat-resistant paint and its special properties.

Anti-graffiti paint

Graffiti has become an established part of urban culture. But graffiti is not desirable on all surfaces. Unwanted graffiti is difficult to remove, and Teknos has therefore developed both wet paint and powder varnish with anti-graffiti properties.

  • Anti-graffiti surface treatment is easier to clean
  • Anti-graffiti paint forms a compact protective film that withstands solvent-based graffiti removers and
  • Prevents the graffiti from penetrating deeply into the surface.
  • The film also has a smooth finish which makes it easier to remove graffiti.
  • Anti-graffiti paint withstands several cleaning cycles.
  • Teknos offers anti-graffiti solutions for surface treatment with powder coating and wet painting.
  • Anti-graffiti paint is very beneficial for constructions in public spaces, such as trains, bus stops, bins and bridges.
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