Specialized services for hydropower

Novaco has robot technology in collaboration with JettyRobot for the inspection and surface treatment of all types of pipes and ducts. The robot can be combined with, among other things, dry ice blasting, high-pressure water jetting and painting. The technology can be developed and adapted to most needs for assignments to be carried out in various forms of pipes and ducts, all lengths and all dimensions. Some of our robots can also operate and walk through water.

JettyRobot rental with an operator

This rental option is primarily designed for start-up contractors, for individuals or during occasional assignments. By using this offer, the contractor can familiarize himself with cleaning and working in the pipeline, as well as with the cleaning method that they intend to use. Not only will the on-site JettyRobot operator ensure qualified operation of the JettyRobot, but his experience will also contribute to the successful running of the event.

JettyRobot rental without operator

This rental option is primarily designed for more experienced contractors who already have knowledge of cleaning and working in pipes and the cleaning method they plan to use. The option to rent a JettyRobot, or the entire JettyRobot set without an operator is ideal in case the customer has regular cleaning orders, or a long-term one-off order. Of course, remote support from our technical department is provided throughout the rental period. With this rental option, customers can build up their customer network and expand their service portfolio. To rent a JettyRobot without an operator, it is necessary to undergo training and obtain a JettyRobot driver's license.

Realization of turnkey projects

Another option is full realization of projects by our company. If the customer chooses this option, the JettyRobot team will take care of the complete implementation of the project, including preparation, mobilization, provision of necessary technical service, subsequent inspection and demobilization.

JettyRobot is very flexible and if needed we are ready to send our team to any world destination within hours. In addition, we also offer the opportunity to work in continuous operation 24/7 under the constant supervision of our experienced supervisors. The realization of the project also includes the deployment of all other technology, including on-site dry ice production, blasting machines, suction units and other equipment.

As part of the project implementation, we are able to offer all types of pipeline services, such as cleaning, inspection, stripping and coating and more. Contact us for a video meeting where we can discuss the possibilities.

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